Brett Favre on Aaron Rodgers; Chris Cooley VS. Tony Romo

Once teammates, Brett Favre knew the starpower Aaron Rodgers possessed. Photo courtesy of Herija Green -

Brett Favre predicted Aaron Rodgers’ success

Aaron Rodgers successfully led the Green Bay Packers to their 4th Super Bowl Championship. However, as surprisingly fast as his skills have developed to many people, it was no shock to Green Bay legend Brett Favre. He said on an Atlanta radio talk show that he was not at all taken aback by the star in Rodgers. The only matter that threw him off was the amount if time it took, claiming that Rodgers fell into the perfect scenario with better teammates than he had. This is somewhat surprising seeing as Favre got to play with some of the best players the game has ever seen. Rodgers does have many superstars like Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant, and Jermichael Finley, but the majority of the team he won with were role players and substitutes that simply stepped up to the plate in the time of need, that a lot of people, myself included, had never heard of. On the other hand, many of Favre’s teammates are recognized worldwide such as Donald Driver, Desmond Howard, Reggie White, and later on, Bubba Franks, and Ahman Green. If anything he’s throwing many great players he played with under the bus and saying that they weren’t as good as the players that Rodgers has now. That’s kind of insulting to a group of guys who had a part in winning multiple championships. Whether or not he feels they are as good as Rodgers’ team shouldn’t matter, they got the wins and they won championships. This is just Brett Favre being the typical guy we all know.

Who would win a cagematch between Chris Cooley (left) and Tony Romo? Photo courtesy of Getty Images

 Chris Cooley enjoys Tony Romo’s failures

Chris Cooley recently appeared on the LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes show to discuss his pleasures in seeing rival Tony Romo constantly choke. #9 has been flawless in dropping the ball so far this season, recently blowing a 24 point lead over the Detroit Lions to hand them their 4th consecutive win and  allowing the season to stay perfect. Romo has 3 wins and 7 losses in his last 10 starts and nothing makes Cooley happier. In the Washington Redskins’ week 4 joust with the St. Louis Rams, Cooley was watching the scoreboard to see Dallas up a ton, and then stopped, assuming they blew the Lions out. He then said it was amazing to see that they had blown the lead. His philosophy is that, being up by that many points, you skate through the rest of the game, and punt it away a few times because the only way for them to come back is from turnovers. But nothing gets Cooley going more than Romo throwing pick 6’s, to him, it’s the most hilarious thing to watch. Almost as hilarious as seeing him do it on back to back drives. Cooley then spoke of a radio proposition from the week before, placing him in a cagematch with Romo. Cooley wrestled in high school and for a tight end, may be built a little better than Romo. His plan, if the two were to ever actually fight, is to build a 24 point lead and finish it off by toying with him. Cooley is off to a slow start this season with only 7 receptions for 66 yards. However, the ‘Skins are off to a tremendous 3-1 start, leading the NFC East, behind QB Rex Grossman who is having a pretty decent season with 989 yards with a less impressive 6-5 TD/INT ratio. Watch for Cooley to get more touches as the season continues.  Although Rex has reliable receivers in Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney, they aren’t as physical is Cooley, and that might be the angle they needed to make the offense more dynamic and deeper.

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2 Responses to Brett Favre on Aaron Rodgers; Chris Cooley VS. Tony Romo

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Very nice article. Honestly, is anyone really surprised that Brett Favre is doing this or that Aaron Rodgers took the high road? Aaron Rodgers always takes the high road. This is what he does. He was very classy through the whole Brett Favre saga in Green Bay and has stepped up to the plate when he has gotten the opportuntiy. It’s just too bad Brett Favre keeps doing this to himself because he is, one quote at a time, giving people more and more reason to forget all the great things he did. Also, you think you could take a peek at my blog cuz I really wanna know what you think

  2. ahedglen says:

    Very true. A lot of anguish left in Brett Favre from coming so close to winning again late in his career was taken out on Rodgers in these comments.

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