Fantasy Football Week 5: Worst of the Worst

Fantasy Flops: Week 5

QB – Josh Freeman (TB)

Freeman finished in second to last in points (3, ESPN) among all quarterbacks who played Sunday. He threw 17 completions for 187 yards and 2 interceptions. The only player he finished above was Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers reliever for Alex Smith. Oh ya, forgot to mention the Buccaneers got spanked 48-3, on top of Freeman’s horrific performance. Hopefully they can get themselves back together because this week they face the Saints who are leading their division, so this is a big game for Tampa Bay. If they step up, they can tie for lead of the division, if not, they sink deeper into the abyss.

RB – LeGarrette Blount (TB)

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A lot of people really like this guy, and I just don’t know why. Sure it’s early in the season, people will be saying that until playoffs start just to defend players they like or have faith in. I’m getting down to the facts. Blount just isn’t consistent. In the last 5 games he’s broken 100 yards once and has had more than 10 fantasy points twice. I see the potential within, I just don’t see why you would bank on him when there are so many other stud backs. His 6 fantasy points (ESPN) this week are not solely his fault, but also due to a knee injury that may have him miss next week against the Saints, which could really hurt the Bucs chances. Don’t be confused, I don’t hate him, I just want to see the true skill shine through.

WR – Marques Colston (NO)

First of all, I’ll appeal to the people about to rip me apart for having Colston on this list. Yes he has been battling injury this season and missed 2 complete games, but I want to see more from him. He has yet to catch a TD pass going into week 6 and that’s not very Colston-like. As the primary receiver for the Saints he needs to start his offenses’ rally this week against a struggling Tampa Bay defense. Look for this to be the week for him to break out. He had 6 points this week (ESPN) with 12 total on the season and of course Nawlins has big Jimmy Graham for Drew Brees to go to basically whenever he wants, but I think when Colston returns to perfect form this week he’ll start to be a bigger threat. If he can’t, he may see Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem stealing his passes from #9.

TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (Min)

It’s no joke that the Minnesota Vikings are terrible, however, Shiancoe is one of my¬†favorite tight ends in the league. He’s a big dude that can make big plays. His only problem is that Donovan McNabb isn’t what he used to be, and most of the passes that head his way hit the ground. He had 2 fantasy points this week (ESPN) and has had his only good game of the season against the Chiefs, which isn’t very impressive. The Vikes do have a pretty good receiving core manned by Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin, but most of the physicality comes from Shaincoe. Moving into next week they may need to utilize him more against a very physical Chicago Bears defense.

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1 Response to Fantasy Football Week 5: Worst of the Worst

  1. ahedglen says:

    Good call on Colston, he will definitely get back to the Marques of old.

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