Brandon Lloyd Gets Shown the Door; Traded to Rams

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This is the last time that Brandon Lloyd will be waving to the crowd in Mile High Stadium. He was recently traded away to the St. Louis Rams in return for a 6th round draft pick, possibly turning into a 5th rounder. Many Denver fans, including myself, were initially, and some might still be, fired up about this decision. Although, when you take a step back and look at it logically, it makes a ton of sense. The biggest point here is that Lloyd is a free agent at the end of this year and he would not be resigning seeing as Denver would most likely not be giving him the green he desires. The 30 year old just isn’t worth the investment when productivity and peers are accounted for. He has yet to catch a touchdown pass this year and the group of upcoming receivers he has around him will eventually eclipse him anyways, speaking in terms of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and, oh ya, Eddie Royal. Funny Royal should be mentioned in this conversation, he also wants out of Denver. Well, at the end of the season, he can go too. After being tortured by a groin injury for the start of this season, it’s like he hasn’t even been there. Then again, we are used to seeing receivers come and go. Hell, the last receiver I got close to as a fan was Rod Smith because we can’t even keep them long enough to grow attached to. Brandon Marshall was a jewel that rookie coach Josh McDaniels didn’t even get the chance to crown because he couldn’t handle him. The case may be different with the up and comers Thomas and Decker, both showing plenty of promise. Thomas has been suffering from many injuries ever since he came into the NFL last year, but he is feeling the healthiest he has since he got here, and Decker is ready to step up and become a sure handed, reliable target. Obviously it’s going to take a little bit of time and patience to see how the receiving core will be without Lloyd, and most likely at the end of this season, Royal, but I have faith in the young guns. Decker has shown many streaks of genius in my opinion, with 4 TD catches so far on the year, and a clear knack for returning kicks. Once the dust settles, Tim Tebow settles in, and the receivers settle down, I think that Denver will turn into a solid offensive team for the first time since my buddy Rod Smith was around.

However, this trade has two sides. Here’s how the Rams made out.

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