Fantasy Football Week 6: Best of the Best

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QB – Josh Freeman (TB)

OK, so two things I’d like to point out. First of all, Aaron Rodgers was the leader in points for quarterbacks this week with 23 fantasy points (ESPN). However, second point, Freeman was on last week’s “Worst of the Worst” post, so consider this a redemption for #5. After coming off a crushing loss to the 49ers, Freeman did exactly what I said he would need to do, rally his troops to battle the Saints. He threw for an impressive 303 yards with 23 completions and 2 touchdowns, without a pick. I’m giving props for coming back from a train wreck with some fire and getting the win, along with 20 fantasy points (ESPN). The Bucs roll into Chicago this week against a struggling defense so hopefully the success continues and he stays off the blacklist for good.

RB – Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)

I can only imagine how happy Ahmad Bradshaw fantasy owners were this week. I am one of them. I have Bradshaw behind a couple of better backs (Gore, Peterson, and occasionally, Green-Ellis) but I’m happy I played him over Benjarvus this week because with 30 fantasy points (ESPN), Bradshaw lead all players in fantasy scoring. He had 3 TDs on 104 yards rushing and 26 receiving, easily his best game of the season. This is the kind of talent I hope to see from him and the Giants as a team every week. I always feel like the G-Men are that jock in high school who have all the talent but play lazy. They play their best games when they have to against good teams, but try to skate by against worse teams and fail. I won’t take any credit away from the guys who knocked off the Eagles and the Bills, two teams who are very good, however, their losses to the Redskins and Seahawks are almost uncalled for. The Redskins are a pretty good team this year and the Seahawks basically won on a gimme, but these are two games that I feel the Giants should have won. One was the result of poor decision making from Eli Manning (shocker) but this team needs to step up and be ready for the rest of their difficult schedule.

WR – Devin Hester (Chi)

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Funny story behind Hester getting the most points in the wide receiver category. I played my friend head to head in our league this week and he needed someone to replace Dwayne Bowe who was on a bye, so he picked up Hester. He thought I was going to have an easy win, I was involved in a close nightmare. 91 receiving yards with 2 touchdowns, one of them a return, was the simple formula to keep me on my toes as he chalked up 21 fantasy points (ESPN). He didn’t help my friend win, but he did keep it close and exciting. Hester also proved he is still a great wide out and returner, despite his sub par season and chest injury.

TE – Jimmy Graham (NO)

I apologize for the repeat, but honestly, this man deserves this respect. He may not have had a TD catch to add to his 12 fantasy points this week (ESPN), but he did have 124 receiving yards, his 4th consecutive game with 100+ yards. Shake your head, blink your eyes, and slap your face, then look at what position he plays. This week he almost tripled the amount of receiving yards that the next highest tight end, Jason Witten, had with 48 yards. Take all this into consideration along with the fact that Graham plays with an extremely dynamic offense with many different targets. He proved that he can still have a successful week and play his role next to Marques Colston, who finally had the breakthrough game I said he needed. If both can keep playing at the level they did this week, then look out because this offense may be hard to stop. They lost a pretty close division game against Tampa Bay, but I think they can easily bounce back and stay on top if their defense can stay consistent.

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  1. ahedglen says:

    Jimmy Graham will do the unthinkable in breaking the all time tight end yards in a season record!

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