NFL Injury Report & Acquisitions; Caption Contest Winner

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T.J. Houshmandzadeh – WR (Oak)

We all know that the Raiders recently picked up Carson Palmer because of the need to replace Jason Campbell who is most likely out for the season with a broken collarbone. Now it looks like there is an ex-Bengal fetish going on in Oakland as they black and silver acquired Houshmandzadeh, former Cincinnati wide receiver and teammate to Palmer. Oddly enough, Houshmandzadeh is no stranger to Raiders’ coach Hue Jackson either. Jackson spent 3 years as the Bengals’ receiving coach, so familiarity may be an advantage. Houshmandzadeh signed a 1 year, $910,000 deal and is looking to continue the success that he and Palmer shared during their 6 years together in Cincinnati. Housh may turn out to be Oakland’s go to receiver as Darrius Heyward-Bey is the only consistent wide out left due to plaguing injuries to Jacoby Ford, and a lack of productivity from Denarius Moore. If Houshmandzadeh is available in your fantasy league I do advise picking him up, but NOT starting him. He is not familiar with the playbook and will most likely not put up insane numbers. However, in the long run, he is a great go-to guy who can catch in traffic and, once settled in, may be a big threat to have.

Darren McFadden – RB (Oak)

The workhorse of the Raiders went into their bye week with a mid-foot sprain. Oakland was confident that he’d return for week 9 but he hasn’t practiced at all this week and left the facility yesterday on crutches with his foot in a boot. Since the Raiders go into week 10 playing the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, it’s a huge possibility that he will take limited snaps, if any at all. From a fantasy standpoint, I advise sitting him out and finding a replacement. Michael Bush is most likely going to be the starting guy come Sunday against Denver, but hopefully McFadden is back to form for week 10 against the Chargers.

Andre Johnson – WR (Hou)

This is one of the most crucial injuries of the season so far. It was expected that Johnson would return this week against the Cleveland Browns, but he has yet to participate in practice this week. He says he still feels tugging in his hamstring when running at a normal pace, so there is no way he’ll be able to hit the gas with no hindering discomfort. The Texans will not push him to play because if something more serious happens they can’t afford to lose him for the remainder of the season. The Browns do have the 5th ranked overall defense so if he returns it will be a huge boost. For those of you still looking for replacements, I highly suggest Early Doucet. He is getting a lot of looks with defenses draped all over Larry Fitzgerald and has established himself as a consistent target in the endzone and between the 20’s. The only risk involved here is that Kevin Kolb has been suffering from a slight toe injury, so this could affect Doucet’s output. Still, if you need a guy to fill in, he’s worth it.

Caption Contest Winner:

After careful consideration and viewing of the entered comments, I have chosen a winner. Congratulations to Kevin Moss at Snapback Rap who came up with the caption, “It’s only awkward, if you make it awkward.” Enjoy the bragging rights and your blog shout out. To see what’s new with underground hip hop visit Kevin’s blog here.

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“It’s only awkward, if you make it awkward.” – Kevin Moss, Snapback Rap

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  1. ahedglen says:

    Hue Jackson claimed that the Housh signing had nothing to do with Palmer… I don’t know who would believe that lol

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