Monday Night Football: Problems, With a Little Bit of Football

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Lately Monday Night Football has really been getting on my nerves. After this Monday night’s game of the Eagles and the Bears, I thought it was time to voice my opinion on the matter. There are several things that are wrong and very aggravating that happen during Monday night games. The first and foremost of the list, THE COMMERCIALS. Commercials are the most annoying aspect of watching TV in general, unless it’s the Super Bowl, but even those are declining in comedic value but that’s a story for another day. We all understand the usual timing for commercials in which we retrieve a beverage, use the restroom, do homework, etc. These slots are during long timeouts, injuries, after points are scored, after a turnover, after a punt, and between quarters. However, there are slots that commercials happen during that simply do not need to happen. If a commercial break happens after points are scored and the kickoff follows, there is no need to run another break after the kick. I understand that before and after the kickoff there are short breaks on the field for the special teams and offense and defense to switch, but there are better things that can happen during the shorter breaks. I’d rather see Jaws, Mike and Jon Gruden in the booth talking about relevant stats, game changing moments, key players, news around the league, and basically anything football related than see more commercials than need be. I do realize that advertising is part of the business world and money is to be made, but there is simply no reason I should sit down to watch football and see more advertisements for cars average people can’t afford and crack sealants, than the actual game. The second, more debatable issue with MNF, is the camera shot choice. I bet we’ve all been in the position where a close play happens or a challenge flag is thrown and we say, “If they show the right angle I’ll be able to tell what happened no problem.” Then, after the instant replay is shown 7 times from 4 different angles, they still don’t play one that gives any sort of evidence which way the call should have gone. Not only close plays, but big plays are sometimes missed. For example, in the game this past week between the Eagles and Bears, the Eagles tried going for a punt fake on a 4th down. While the camera was showing a highlight from the previous play, Mike Tirico was heard yelling frantically that the Eagles came up short, with the camera only switching in time to show the football hitting the turf. We completely missed the play that was extremely close to the Eagles converting the 4th down, either because the crew assumed they were kicking it away, or thought the highlight was more important. These are just some things I found making my blood boil during this week’s MNF game, and felt the need to convey. If you share the same opinions, I feel your pain and you’re not alone.

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3 Responses to Monday Night Football: Problems, With a Little Bit of Football

  1. twindaddy says:

    ESPN sucks. I don’t watch their programming anymore. Even SportsCenter is hard to watch anymore.

  2. congetz says:

    I completely agree, I haven’t watched SportsCenter in over a year because it’s either the same crap, or crap I don’t wanna see.

  3. Yup, it’s Monday Night Commercials with a little bit of football.

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