NFL Fantasy Football Week 9: Worst of the Worst

QB – Curtis Painter (Ind)

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The replacement for Peyton Manning is hardly even coming close to filling the shoes of the legend. Then again, he’s not expected to win so the Colts can stay in the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes”. Regardless of the intent, Painter has been pretty horrible as of late. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in 3 games and hasn’t thrown for 100 yards in 2 of those. This makes it not so shocking to see Painter at the bottom of the quarterback barrel with 1 fantasy point (ESPN) for the week. Indy plays Jacksonville this week and that’s not good news for the Colts at all as the Jags’ D held the Ravens to only 146 total yards and didn’t give up a first down until Baltimore’s 28th play, in the 3rd quarter.

RB – Chris Johnson (Ten)

This is the second time that Johnson has been on the worst of the worst post, and it isn’t because I have a personal vendetta, it’s because I’m confused and disappointed. This man has been an absolute animal in the past and this year has been, in my opinion, one of the biggest fantasy busts. He finished with just 64 yards and 10 fantasy points (ESPN) this week against the Bengals in his 3rd best fantasy performance of the year. He hasn’t scored a touchdown in the last 3 games and has only 1 game with 100+ rushing yards. This week the Titans play the Panthers, who have given up the most fantasy points to opposing running backs. CJ should have a great game given the opposition, but he’s proven me and the match ups wrong before, so don’t hold your breath.

WR – Dez Bryant (Dal)

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With Miles Austin out for what could be a month, and Roy Williams no longer with the Cowboys, Bryant really needs to step his game up as the primary receiver. His 5 fantasy points (ESPN) this week against the Seahawks was less than impressive yet the Stars are still 4-4 on the season. Bryant only has 1 TD reception in the past month and needs to fill in the empty slot Austin will leave in order to have success through the air. Jason Witten is still a reliable target but you can’t expect Tony Romo to lead a win with his tight end as his only go-to option through the air. Bryant is an extremely talented wide out and has everything it takes to cover up for Austin’s injury, we just need to see the results happen on the field.

TE – Vernon Davis (SF)

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Vernon Davis is one of my favorite tight ends in the game right now. His size, athleticism, and pure talent are extremely deadly. He has been struggling this season, however. He had 2 fantasy points (ESPN) this week against the Redskins and it has been rather reflective of his performance all year. He has only 1 game this season with more than 50 yards and hasn’t caught a touchdown pass in the last 3 games. He hasn’t been used heavily in the endzone with only 3 targets, half of what Michael Crabtree has. Blame Davis as his performance is clearly lacking, yet some of the underachieving could be due to lack of use in situations where he thrives.

Vernon Davis analysis:

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