Donovan McNabb Thrown Overboard

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Well, I can honestly say I called this one from the minute the Vikings picked Donovan McNabb up. I knew he was not going to be the answer they were looking for because of the the simple fact that his glory days are over. McNabb was waived by Minnesota today and is now looking for a new home in a variety of different places. The 3 top prospective teams as of right now are the Texans, Bears, and 49ers.

The Texans could really use him for a number of reasons. Matt Schaub is still injured and in an attempt to continue the success in Houston, Matt Leinart was hurt (shocker) against the Jaguars. T.J. Yates wasn’t a horrible replacement, but McNabb might be the experienced substitute they need to go on a run during crunch time. In my opinion,this is the smartest move for the Texans because they have a shot to go deep into the playoffs and if it’s without Schaub then McNabb has the veteran status that can weather the storm.

The Bears are in a similar position as the Texans because Jay Cutler is injured and they are relying on backup Caleb Hanie to pick up the slack. The difference between the teams’ situation is that I think Caleb Hanie is a pretty reliable replacement. He was thrown into a tough position in last years NFC Championship game when Cutler was hurt and held is own against the destined Green Bay Packers. I think that if McNabb was to be brought in here it would hurt the development of Hanie in return for a temporary fix. Not to mention that Hanie might be as good as McNabb is right now anyways.

Although the 49ers have expressed interest in McNabb, this is the least likely conclusion to the question at hand. Alex Smith has shown much improvement this season and McNabb would be brought in strictly as a backup. However, the team is extremely confident that Colin Kaepernick is growing into the player that would take no hesitation or worry in substituting for Smith, or eventually replacing him as the starter. It would be stupid for the 49ers to ruin Kaepernick’s chance, the same way it would be for the Bears to hinder Hanie.

Hedge on best home for McNabb:

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see if he has anything left as well.

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