Tim Tebow & Denver Broncos vs. Tom Brady & New England Patriots: Showdown of the Year

Photo from espn.go.com

Since Tim Tebow has finally taken the Denver Broncos to a serious level of contention and excitement, this Sunday’s game of the Patriots and Broncos may be one of the most exciting of the year. If you stand back and look at it, past all of the hype, there’s really 2 different ways it can pan out. First, is that the Patriots absolutely dominate. I know it looks bad that I’m a Bronco fan and my first outcome is us getting blown out, but I’m being honest. The Patriots have the kind of team where if they come out hot, there is almost no chance of catching up. Their offense has the ability to score almost at will if defenses are caught off guard. Second possible outcome is that Denver plays their game and shows New England why they are the #1 rushing team in the league. Tim Tebow displayed last week in a thriller against the Bears that he can pass if he needs to in clutch situations and the Patriots have the worst passing defense in the NFL so exploiting that is a definite must.

My X-Factor in this game is the Denver Broncos’ defense. They don’t have a highly ranked pass defense at 21st and their run defense sits at 16th overall, but I feel like they are underrated and can really make it hard for opposing offenses. If they can get to Tom Brady and put some pressure on him to disrupt his rhythm, than they can really give themselves a shot. Von Miller has proven to be an excellent draft pick for them at OLB and is currently   the #7 sack list leader. If he plays huge, with the help of Elvis Dumervil and D.J. Williams then it may not look like a long shot after all. The secondary needs to come up huge as well. Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, and Andre Goodman need to keep key Patriot receivers like Deion Branch and Chad Ochocinco in check, especially Wes Welker. Any of these guys can go off on any given Sunday and it needs to be prevented to keep their offense off the field. Rob Gronkowski is possibly the biggest threat because of how many yards he can achieve after the catch, so he needs to be wrapped up quickly to avoid any short passes for big gains. All in all, if the Broncos play tight defense and manage to score big points, which they are capable of, they can bring down the beast of the east.

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